Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's the difference between available balance and current balance?

I have $107 on my available balance and $117 on my current balance. Is it safe for me to spend $107 without getting an over draft fee?|||Yes, as long as you don't have any checks out there that haven't hit the bank yet.

The difference between the two balances has to do with time - when you deposit something that takes time to clear they will show it as part of your balance, but not a part you can withdraw...until it clears.|||Electronic banking is crazy. I use my debit card at some stores and it comes right out of my checking account before I even get home. And then at some, it takes a day or even two before it comes out of the account. No idea what the difference is.

But, if it doesn't come out immediately, it will show up as not available when I check my balance. Now if my bank already knows it's not available, why don't they just process it? But that's the difference between "balance" and "available balance". The "available" balance is the amount that remains for your use.|||Toga

Yes, if you are sure that this is your balance free of all debit and check transactions in process.

Otherwise, you may be creating your own NSF fee. It appears that you have no clue to your real balance?


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