Thursday, December 15, 2011

How would having your cash balance in a current account affect the performance of a firm?

good for cashflow as you can draw your cash out when required but you would recieve less interest as oposed to a deposit account which would have a higher interest rate but probably require you to give notice whenever you want to make a withdrawal. not all your cash will be profit though as you will have liabilities, reserves and maybe dividends to pay from your cash balance. This is where careful cashflow management helps as if you get it right you can avoid taking out overdrafts etc to finance your cashflow requirements, saving the firm money. You also need to make sure that you have a good balance between what is tied up in assets and ready cash. if the assets arent working for the business it maybe better to liquidate them so you save on overdraft costs etc.

What is the current balance on your credit card(s)?

just curious|||$1300 - Balance transfer at 0% interest, no purchases.

$0 on the rest|||i actually jut checked, i have one that has all the credit avaiable and another that i owe 41.41, my husband in teh other hand has 3 and they are all packed up!!!|||Z.E.R.O and I keep it that way!|||I don't have any credit cards!!|||Show me yours and I'll show you mine.|||about $150 on my mbna and $1500 on my Lowe's

Why, what is yours?|||About $650, but I'll pay it off when the statement comes. Avoid paying credit card interest unless it's an emergency, then pay it off ASAP.|||my current c/c balance is ( - $32.00 ).

how that sound 2 u ?

How can I get balance transfer offers on my current credit cards?

I have several cards with larger balances and I would like to transfer balances but many of them aren't offering balance transfer. Anyway to get the banks to give me some good offers?|||You can call your current issuers and ask about balance transfer deals...or you can go to their individual websites and click on the "balance transfer offers" tab...many offer this, including Chase, Discover, Capital One, American Express, Citi, etc...

Just note that you can't transfer a balance within the same company, e.g. you can't balance transfer a Citi credit card balance with a Citi balance transfer.|||No way to "make" banks do anything.

Available Balance and Current Balance?

I just recently opened up an account with PNC. I have never seen this available balance and current balance before. I cashed my check yesterday, and today it shows me a Avaliable Balance of 75.79 and a Current Balance of 327.79; I haven't used my debit card so what is my actual balance?|||Always go by your available balance so you don't accidentally overdraw your account. Typically the difference is due to a deposit you have made for example if your available balance is $75 but you deposit a check for $25 then your ledger balance would show $100 and there will be a difference in your balance until the funds are made available. Hope this helps!|||These are for bank a/c procedure,available balance is your balance in your accout.

Is there a bank that will notify you, via SMS, your current account balance after a debit/credit purchase?

A guy from Norway showed me on his phone and it was fast and convenient!|||I have no idea|||my mother has an account with netspend and they send her messages with her balance through text message right after she uses her card. it comes instantly|||Commerce bank. Don't know if you live in their area

On a credit card statement, does your current balance mean what you owe?

It means that is the total up until the closing date on the statement. Any charges after that date will not show.

What does current balance less expected aid mean?

and then it says $1048.00|||"Current balance less expected aid" means that's what you owe (the balance) after the financial aid they anticipate will be applied to your account at some date.

Therefore, you owe $1,048 according to aid estimates.